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Sally Bergquist

Office: Mountain Brook Crestline

105 Euclid Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35213


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    An Investment of Time!

    Sally Bergquist knows that lasting quality requires a real commitment. There's a distinct difference between mass production and quality craftsmanship. While mass manufacturing is based on volume and the bottom line,handcrafted goods require a  much more intricate process that involves time, patience and attention to detail. Whether it's sewing, making furniture or simply writing a short note to remember a friend's birthday, handcrafted goods always seem to stand the test of time, and perhaps this is why we value them so much.

    Sally knows an investment of time is the only way to get superior results. That's why, as a Realtor®, she is committed to providing her clients with top-notch service and plenty of personalized attention. She also understands that quality doesn't come easily, and that's why you can depend on her diligence and expertise to guide you smoothly through the home buying or selling process. She knows your home is an important investment, and that is why she invests her time in providing you with top quality service. By demonstrating a true commitment to every transaction she undertakes, Sally Bergquist really is"Handcrafting Your Success".


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